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Information from the UPHA Governance Committee


- A new United States Equestrian Federation (USEF) Rule, GR1303 Safe Sport Requirements, was

approved by the USEF Board of Directors on August 27, 2018.


- ALL USEF Competing adult Members (amateurs, professionals, owners) MUST take Safe Sport

Training in order to be eligible to compete in 2019. This includes Annual, Three Year and

Lifetime Members.


- Safe Sport Training MUST be complete by January 1, 2019 or within thirty days of renewing

your membership or you will be ineligible to compete at a USEF Competition.


- USEF is the National Governing Body (NGB) designated by the United States Olympic

Committee (USOC) for Equestrian Sport and, therefore, under Senate bill S.534 “Protecting

Young Victims from Sexual Abuse and Safe Sport Authorization Act of 2017”, the USEF must

offer and provide Safe Sport Training.


- Senate bill S. 534 designated the US Center for Safe Sport as the independent national Safe

Sport Organization for US Olympic and Paralympic Organizations. “The Center” receives

reports, conducts investigations, determines sanctions and informs NGBs (USEF) of sanctions for

Safe Sport Violations.


- Federal law requires the USEF, as the Olympic Equestrian Sport NGB, to enforce sanctions

imposed by the US Center for Safe Sport. All organizations affiliated with USEF, whether they

participate in Olympic disciplines or not (e.g. ASHA, AHHS, AMHA, ARHPA), are also required to

uphold the sanctions imposed by the US Center for Safe Sport.


- The US Center for Safe Sport exclusively handles all reports of sexual misconduct.


- The USEF handles all reports of non-sexual misconduct including harassment, hazing, bullying

and physical or emotional misconduct.


Additional information on Safe Sport can be found at USEF.org under the Safe Sport heading

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