The United Professional Horsemen’s Association, Inc., (UPHA), is a Section 501 (c) (5) organization of 21 Local Chapters. The membership of the UPHA was desirous of providing payments to members of local chapters, their families or estates left without income in the event of certain occurrences such as death, illness, disability or natural disasters such as fire, flood, storm or theft, which leaves them unable to pay current expenses.


In order to make such payments to their members, the United Professional Horsemen’s Association organized the UPHA Dewey Henderson Benevolent Fund Trust, a Section 501 (c) (3) charitable foundation, named in memory of Dewey Henderson, a UPHA member who felt strongly about the UPHA being able to help horse trainers in times of need.


Upon application to the Trust, members of local chapters may receive amounts up to $15,000. In no event may any application be made more than once in a twelve month period. The member must demonstrate to the trustees that an event of the nature discussed above has left them unable to pay for living expenses for themselves or their families. The Trust will provide an application for this purpose.


Contributions will be made by members, and payments will be made from these contributions or income earned from them. In the event that funds do not exist to make payments, none will be made. In order to be eligible for a Trust payment, the applicant must a current professional member of the UPHA, and must have been a paid member of the UPHA for at least two concurrent calendar years (24 consecutive months), prior to making application for assistance. Determination of the payment will be made at the sole discretion of the Trustees.


For more information or an application for assistance, contact the UPHA at 859-231-5070, or send an email request to

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