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Professional membership is available to all persons who are bona fide professional horse trainers, have been a professional horse trainer for at least one year prior to applying for Professional membership, whose financial income comes from the profession of horse training or riding instruction, and who are acceptable personally and professionally to the membership in all Chapters.  All professional members must be approved by the UPHA Board of Directors.

The following is required before your application can be considered by the UPHA Board of Directors: 

  • Must be a professional horseman (Trainer/Riding Instructor) for at least one year prior to application, UPHA Bylaw Article III, Sections 1, 6, 9, 10 and 11.

  • Applicant cannot hold amateur status with USEF.  UPHA Bylaw Article III, Section 11.

  • Membership application needs to be signed by your local chapter chairperson acknowledging you have been a professional horseman for at least one year prior applying.  UPHA Bylaw Article III, Section 6.

  • Please submit a brief bio of your equestrian background.  In addition to your equestrian experience, this should include when you became a professional, when you last competed as an amateur and when or if you have declared professional status with USEF.


A new professional Member cannot join online.  A hard copy application signed by their chapter chair along with a professional biography must be submitted to the UPHA office.  



A list of chapter chairs and their emails can be found on the UPHA website: Chapters 1-11 or Chapters 12-21.

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