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The UPHA Open Gate Learning Center is an on-site study and learning center for young equestrians who are competing for a national or world title. In order to achieve their goals, young equestrians must travel long distances to top-level competitions.

For equestrian student-athletes, there is no greater honor than winning a hard-earned state, national or world title. To achieve such a title requires hard work, practice, perseverance, and the support of family and friends. Top young equestrians have the opportunity to compete across the continental US and Canada as well as globally.


Traveling for competitions during the academic year can be stressful for all concerned. Missing key lessons and assignments can affect a student’s overall academic performance, and their teachers must use valuable time to administer makeup work.

The purpose of the Learning Center is to provide academic support to equestrian student-athletes, grades 5-12, who are away from their local schools while exhibiting at competitions. Students are able to stay abreast of their academic requirements in the center's structured learning environment. The center is supervised by a professional teacher who provides basic academic support such as clarification of assignments, proofreading work, proctoring tests, and answering student’s questions. The center will work with teachers from the student’s school to help guide the student’s academic activities while absent. The center is able to receive assignments, PowerPoint notes, outlines, etc. from teachers throughout the competition.


The UPHA Open Gate Learning Center is held at the following shows:


Kentucky State Fair World's Championship Horse Show-underwritten by ASHBA

Morgan Grand National and World Championship Horse Show-underwritten by AMHECT

UPHA American Royal National Championship-underwritten by UPHA Foundation

The fee for each student is $200, however, the UPHA Foundation has partnered with ASHBA, and the American Morgan Horse Educational Charitable Trust to reduce these costs.   See the terms and conditions on each application. Space is limited.  Students will be taken on a first-come, first-serve basis.  

For more information please contact:

Debbie Murphy

37 Five Dog Lane

Lexington, VA 24450

540-464-3277 home

804-366-9455 cell

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