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Use the links below to find out more about the breeds associated with the United Professional Horsemen's Association, as well as local charter clubs and youth programs in your area. Local charter clubs promote at the local level and help newcomers learn more about the breed, as well as offering many equine and social activities for their members’ education and enjoyment. 

This high stepping aristocrat of the show ring is not only captivating but breathtaking. New to the world of Hackneys? Visit the American Hackney Horse Society website for more information.

An ideal horse for today's modern family, the Morgan will take riders with diverse interests through any competitive or pleasure pursuit. Whether you or your family requires a quiet mount or harness horse for a beginner or enjoys aggressive sporting disciplines like eventing and jumpers, the Morgan can be all this and more. 

Historically referred to as the “Horse America Made,” the American Saddlebred has a long and proud history that can trace its roots to the natural-gaited Galloway and Hobbie horses which came to North America from the British Isles. In addition to the animated style and brilliance in the show ring, the Saddlebred’s willing attitude has made it a versatile breed allowing it to excel in other disciplines including dressage, combined driving and jumping. Discover the American Saddlebred today!

The USEF is the National Governing Body for equestrian sport; a responsibility the Federation takes very seriously. The United States Equestrian Federation is the largest multi- breed and discipline organization in equestrian sports. More than 84,000 members make it possible for USEF to continue the mission on which it was founded – a dedication to 360° of fairness, protecting both equine and human athletes.

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