Qualification Requirements Amended for Classic Grand Championships

During the UPHA's July Board of Directors meeting it passed by unanimous vote to eliminate the qualification requirement for the 2020 UPHA Classics Grand Championships for Morgans, Saddlebreds, and Hackney Ponies. Nomination and fee along with the entry fee are still required to compete in the Finals.

Everyone is encouraged to support their regional shows and participate in the Classics qualifying classes offered at competitions throughout the year.

The UPHA Classics originated in 1974 to stimulate interest in young horses, and to provide owners and trainers an opportunity to receive substantial prize money. In 1977 the first UPHA Saddlebred Classic Grand Championships were held at the American Royal Horse Show in Kansas City, MO. Now, local qualifying classes, as well as Classic Grand Championships, are held for Saddlebreds, Morgans and Hackney Ponies.


The UPHA Classics is a well-planned and proven program that contributes to the growth and prosperity of the show horse industry. It provides local competition and national championships with substantial prize money for young performance horses and ponies. Breeders, owners, and trainers all benefit from the UPHA Classics. Due to this program, young performance entries have a greater earning power and therefore can demand higher sales prices.


The UPHA Classics are designed to be prestigious classes. The intent is to promote a high caliber event and generate a greater prize money return for the young show horse. For that to occur, the UPHA Classics must be governed by strict rules and regulations. USEF rules apply in all divisions.

UPHA Classics Grand Championships


UPHA Classic Grand Championships will be offered for three year olds and under for the American Saddlebred, three year olds for Morgan Horse divisions, and four year olds and under for the Hackney Pony divisions. Guaranteed prize money in the UPHA Classic Grand Championships is $12,000 in all Saddlebred divisions, $5,000 in all Hackney Pony divisions, and $2,500 in all Morgan divisions. Additional money is added from all entry fees collected for the UPHA Classic Grand Championships  and each breeds eligibility fees to the purse of each Championship.


To be eligible for competition in any UPHA Classic Grand Championship, a horse or pony must have placed first through sixth in any UPHA Classic qualifying class, and both the owner, trainer and exhibitor of the entry must be a Professional or Associate member of the UPHA. In order to show in a UPHA Classic, all horses and ponies must be registered with their appropriate breed registry and MUST be shown under their registered name. 

UPHA Roadster to Bike Classic Grand Championship

The UPHA Roadster Classic Grand Championship will once again be held at the 2020 UPHA American Royal National Championship. This class is open to any horse registered with the ARHPA that has not been shown prior to January 1, 2019. There are no qualifying classes. The driver, owner and trainer must all be members of the UPHA. The driver must be 18 years of age or older. The winner will not be eligible to compete in this class in the future. The entry fee is $600.00, $100.00 to accompany the entry blank and $500.00 due 24 hours prior to the class. As tradition would have it the class will be held on Thursday evening in conjunction with the other Classic Grand Championships.  This will be a $5,000 added money purse.

Class Requirements:

The UPHA Classics may be offered for three year olds and under for the American Saddlebred, three year olds only for Morgan Horse divisions, and four year olds and under for the Hackney Pony divisions.


In order to show in a UPHA Classic, all horses and ponies must be registered with their appropriate breed registry and MUST be shown under their registered name.


UPHA Membership Requirements:

The professional trainer of a UPHA Classic entry must be a Professional member of the UPHA in good standing, and their membership number must appear on the entry blank and the eligibility form. The recorded owner of the UPHA Classic entry must also be a member of the UPHA, if owned by an amateur exhibitor they must be a current Associate member of the UPHA in good standing, and their membership number must appear on the entry blank and the eligibility form.  The exhibitor of the entry must be a Professional or Associate member of the UPHA.


Rules for Entering:

A non-refundable eligibility fee of $100 paid to the UPHA Office postmarked on or before April 1st of each year. After April 1st, the eligibility fee becomes $150 per horse. Payment of the eligibility fee will be made payable to UPHA, Inc. in the name of the entered horse or pony and will make that animal eligible to compete in any and all UPHA Classics classes held that year. Eligibility remains with the animal throughout the year should transfer of ownership occur. 


All eligibility fees collected within a breed will be added to the prize money in the respective breed's championship classes.


The entry fee for each qualifying class is $100 and is made in two payments. The first payment, the declaration fee, is $50 and must be made by the entry closing date of the particular horse show. The second payment, the starting fee, is also $50 and is due 24 hours prior to the class, whenever practical. All entry fees, or partial entry fees, are added to the total purse of the class.


A horse may be shown in one or more Classic; however, the declaration and starting fees must be paid for each Classic in which it will be shown. This also applies to showing in more than one division. Fees are non-refundable in all situations. All USEF rules apply.


Horse Show Requirements and Prize Money Distribution for Qualifying Classes:

The Horse Show hosting a UPHA Classic shall provide a trophy and six ribbons to distribute to the entries. Any horse show wishing to host a Classic must submit a request to the UPHA Office at least 30 day prior to the class. The horse show will receive a result sheet for each class it hosts, and these results sheets must be completed and returned the UPHA Office within 10 days following the close of the show.


Horse shows may choose to host a $250, $500 or $1000 Added Money Classic. The entry fee for all UPHA Classic classes is $100 regardless of the amount of Added Money offered.


Prize money should be distributed as soon as possible, but no later than 30 days after the conclusion of the Classic. It is recommended that adequate time be allowed to be sure that all entry checks have cleared before the prize money is disbursed.


All monies collected in each Classic will be dispersed in that class. Prize money in a $500 or $1000 Added Money Classic is divided as follows:


$300 is deducted from the total, with $100 going to fourth, fifth and sixth places. Of the balance, 50% is paid to first place, 30% to second place, and 20% to third place. If there were only 2 entries, the total prize money would be split 60% and 40%. If only 3 entries show, the total prize money the original percentages would apply, without the $300 deduction. In case of only one entry, that entry would receive 100% of the total.


Prize money in a $250 Added Money Classic would be broken down in the same percentages as the other UPHA Classic classes, however, only $50 would be awarded to the fourth, fifth and sixth places.

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