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1.  General:

a.  The UPHA Horse/Pony of the Year is the ideal and epitome of the respective division.

b.  The owner of record at the time of the last qualifying competition will receive the award.

c.  In the event of a tie in the Division or Overall HOTY, the UPHA Executive Board will vote to break the tie.  If it is determined there is a conflict of interest by an Executive Board member, the member will recuse themselves from voting.

The UPHA Horses/Ponies of The Year must be nominated according to the following rules:


2.   To be eligible for nomination: 

a. Saddlebreds, Roadster horses, and Hackney ponies must participate in at least four (4) shows, entering the same class and division, during the same calendar year, in which the horse/pony is to be nominated. 

b. Morgan horses must participate in at least three (3) shows, entering the same class and division during the calendar year. 

c. The UPHA American Royal National Championship or The Morgan Grand National can be used as qualifying shows.  You must indicate on your nomination form, your intentions to show at these shows.

d. Two, Three, and Four Year Old horses/ponies are considered Open horses/ponies and can be nominated in the Open divisions. Limit, Maiden, and Novice classes can be used to qualify for any HOTY division.

e. State-restricted classes DO NOT qualify for any Divisions. Any breed-specific class, as it pertains to the Road Horse Division will not qualify for Roadster Horse of the Year awards. Futurities, Sweepstakes, or any paid/nominated programs that are restricted to nominated horses/ponies are to be excluded as a qualifying class for any HOTY division.  

f. Only the classes and divisions currently used by the UPHA for Horse/Pony of The Year awards will be used for nominations. Those divisions and classes are listed on the nomination form.

g. Trainers and owners of all UPHA Horse/Pony of the year nominated animals must be current members of the UPHA.


3.   Who may nominate:

a. Any current UPHA Professional, Associate, or Junior member can nominate any horse/pony. 

b. You do not have to be the owner or trainer of the horse/pony to nominate an eligible animal.


4.   How to nominate:

a. The nomination form must be complete and include the shows the animal competed in, plus, all other requested information regarding owner, trainer, etc.

b. Only one nomination form needs to be submitted for each horse/pony being nominated for the award.

c. Division nominations must be written as one of the 65 listed on the form.

d. Incomplete forms or incomplete division of nomination will not be processed! 

e. All nominations must be submitted through the online form, on or before November 1st of each year.


5.   Divisional Winners:

a. Each horse/pony nominated and shows verified will be placed on a list according to class and division.

b. A ballot containing each nominated and qualified animal will be online at

c. All current Professional UPHA members may participate in the online vote for the Divisional Winners.

d. Online voting will last until Midnight ET on December 1st of each year. The division winners are determined directly from the online vote.

e. The divisional awards will be presented during the Thursday evening banquet at the UPHA National Conference.  The owner of the winning horse/pony, the owner of record at the time of the last qualifying competition, will be notified prior to the Conference.


6.   Overall Awards:

a. Each of the 65 Division winners automatically becomes eligible for the UPHA Horse/Pony of The Year Overall Awards in their respective sections.

b. Ballots will be distributed to all Professional and Associate UPHA members, in attendance at the Divisional Awards presentation held during the UPHA National Conference.

c. The result of the ballot vote will determine the 16 Overall UPHA Horse/Pony of the Year Champions.  The Overall awards will be presented during the Saturday evening banquet at the UPHA National Conference.

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