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UPHA Associate Membership

The Associates Committee serves as a resource for the associate membership. The Committee works to increase awareness of membership benefits and enhance the horse show experience for amateur and junior exhibitor members.

President: Jackie Ware

Secretary: Anne Tasch

Member at Large: Elizabeth Ghareeb

First VP Morgan Division: Ling Fu Wylie 

Second VP Morgan Division: Adam Lagosz

First VP Arabian Division: Lori Foster

First VP Saddlebred Division: Julia Sampsel

UPHA/American Royal Steering

The UPHA/American Royal Steering Committee serves in an advisory capacity to provide support, guidance and oversight of the UPHA/American Royal Horse Show. The committee is responsible for the direction, scope, timelines and methods used to achieve a successful event.

Chair: Missy Hughes-Smith

Cindy Mugnier

Smith Lilly

Chuck Herbert

Paul Boone

Sarah Rowland

Jimmy Robertson

Awards Committee

The Awards Committee manages awards categories, defines requirements and determines and identifies deserving recipients for official UPHA awards.

Chair: Susi Day

Betsy Boone

Fran Crumpler

Katy Earehart

Dwayne Knowles

Carol Fletcher-Churchill

Tony Lee

Donna Pettry-Smith

Conference Committee

The Conference Committee is responsible for selecting the venue, setting the budget, fundraising, generating content and the overall facilitation of the UPHA National Conference.

Chair: Susi Day

Co-Chair: Tony Lee

Co-Chair: Gary Garone

Kristen Cater

Chuck Herbert

Donna Pettry-Smith

Nancy Becker

Jennifer Mellenkamp

Jessica Verrill

Pam Roush

Amanda Ward

Anne Tasch

Adriana Day

James Nichols

Andy Freseth

Julia Sampsel

Classic Committee

The Classics Committee promotes the UPHA Classics program, assists in fundraising and reviews and makes recommendations to the Board of Directors regarding all aspects of the program.

Chair: Jenny Taylor

Co-Chair: Todd Graham

Mark Bodnar

Paul Boone

John Conatser

Andy Freseth

Randy Harper

Chuck Herbert

Maureen Lydon

Evan Orr

David Rand

James Sebring

Education Committee

The Education Committee develops and provides educational materials to address the needs of UPHA members.

Chair: Ellen Beard

Co Chair: Lynda Freseth

Kristen Cater

Erin Fann

Missy Hughes-Smith

Nason Vallante

Sheri Brandl

Carolyn Virtue

Hilary Wilcox

Karen Homer Brown

Nancy Trent

Whitney Shiflet

Equitation Committee

The Equitation Committee establishes programs to educate, support and encourage participation in the equitation division, including facilitating all UPHA national equitation finals. The Committee also reviews and submits updates to rules pertaining to the equitation division.

Chair: Missy Hughes-Smith

Past Chair: Cindy Boel

Barbe Smith

Carol Matton

Cindy Mugnier

Kent Swalla

Kristen Cater

Lynda Freseth

Jody LaSalle

Maria Gilman

Richard Wright

Sheri Brandl

Brooke Applegate

Lillian Shivley - Member Emeritus

Ethics Review Committee

The Ethics Review Committee encourages ethical conduct by providing a platform for consideration of possible violations to the UPHA Code of Conduct.

Chair: James Nichols

Betsy Boone

Barbara Goodman-Manilow

Jim Lowry

Tim Roesink

Exceptional Challenge Cup

The Exceptional Challenge Cup Committee facilitates all aspects of the annual UPHA Exceptional Challenge Cup Finals.  The Committee promotes involvement in the finals and manages sponsorships for the classes and awards.

Co-Chair: Lisa Hillmer

Co-Chair: Hilary Wilcox

Avery Bul Scheurich

Hannah Sette 

Jennefer Lear

Mary Orr

Missy Hughes-Smith

Finance Committee

The Finance Committee provides financial analysis, advice and oversight to the organizations within the UPHA.

Chair: Chuck Herbert

Jimmy Robertson

Paul Boone

Sarah Russell

Jim Taylor

Josh Greer

Governance Committee

The Governance Committee evaluates and develops effective governance and accountability with respect to all aspects of the UPHA.  The Committee serves in an advisory capacity and is the UPHA Board’s resource for review of all governing documents. The Governance Committee may also be asked to evaluate issues related to the proper functioning of the UPHA Board and all committees.

Chair: Tammie Conatser

Alex Gravett

Cindy Mugnier

Donna Pettry-Smith

Josh Greer

Kate Harvey-Codeanne

Kristen Cater

Renee Philpot

Horse Show Advisory Committee 

The Horse Show Advisory Committee reviews current policies and procedures at horse shows nationwide and gives recommendations for improvement on the management and structure of shows from a horsemen’s perspective.

Chair: Nancy Troutman

Nancy Becker - Ex-Officio

Allison Deardorf

David "Tuffy" Owens

Emily Lee

John Lampropoulos

Leslie Melvin

Renee Lavery

Sandy Backer

Andrew Slater

Mackenzie Werry

Human Resources Committee

The Human Resources Committee establishes a compensation philosophy and compensation levels for UPHA employees, ensures compliance with applicable federal and state laws and best practices regarding employees, assists in the employee review process and recommends actions and procedures to insure a safe, healthy and productive work environment.

Chair: Ray Krussell

Co Chair: Julie Kaufman

Cindy Mugnier

Tammie Conatser

Josh Greer

Smith Lilly

Marketing Committee

The Marketing Committee promotes and increases awareness of all UPHA programs and events. The Committee develops promotional materials, utilizes social media and assists with the fundraising efforts to increase the profile of the UPHA.

Chair: Donna Pettry-Smith

Co-Chair: Kayce Bell

Kristen Cater

Adriana Day

Christy Parker

Laura Wilson Cowan

Shanna Gish

Tony Lee

Elizabeth Ghareeb

Todd Graham

Kristen Pettry

Tom Thorpe

Jason Gershman

Nominating Committee

The Nominations and Elections Committee assists the Board of Directors by preparing a slate of recommended nominees for elected positions on the Executive Board, presenting the slate at the annual meeting of the professional membership and executing the election according to the UPHA Membership Bylaws.

Chair: Smith Lilly

Chuck Herbert

Larry Bolen

Ribbons of Service

The Ribbons of Service Committee organizes and facilitates the Ribbons of Service Program, which encourages junior and college-age associate UPHA members to complete service hours and raise money for St. Jude Children's Research Hospital or a charity of their choice.  The Committee raises awareness to gain participation in the program, organizes sponsors for each prize level, approves charities other than St. Jude, organizes the meet and greet and other award related needs for the National Conference and promotes the program fundraising efforts of the participants on social media, as they reach each prize level.

Chair: Fay Lowry

Allison Lambert

Jolene Galvin-Yerckie

Megan Schatzberg

WCHS Advisory Committee

The UPHA President selects individuals to serve on the WCHS Advisory Committee as representatives of the UPHA membership. The representatives are a link between the WCHS management and the horse show participants, making recommendations to improve the WCHS experience for all involved.

Chair: Tammie Conatser

James Nichols

Josh Greer

Young Professionals

The Young Professionals Committee provides a platform for age 35 and under professional members to have an active voice in the organization. The Committee strives to develop future leaders of the UPHA and to educate this age group regarding how the UPHA operates.  Committee members also fundraise for various causes within the UPHA and host chapter events to build camaraderie between members.

Co-Chair: TJ Santaferra

Co-Chair: Adriana Day

Secretary: Hannah Sette

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