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UPHA Awards

Thank you for your interest in the UPHA Awards program. Through the awards program, UPHA
recognizes UPHA members not only for their success in the show ring but also for their dedication and
contributions to UPHA and our industry. Award recipients are celebrated annually during a special
ceremony held during the UPHA National Conference or a national competition.



  • Awards will be given to individuals who are highly deserving of the award, based on the criteria

  • An award does not have to be given each year

  • Award winners are selected by the UPHA Executive Board

  • UPHA Committees (examples: Equitation/Young Professional/Associate) are tasked with submitting recommendations for awards to submit three (3) nominees to the UPHA Executive Board for consideration.

  • UPHA Executive Board may select one of the nominees submitted by a committee but is not required to do so. The UPHA Executive Board may select an award recipient of their own choosing.




  • Specific criteria and eligibility are outlined in each award description

  • UPHA membership may or may not be required for a nominee dependent on the specific award

  • Please ensure that the nominee meets the criteria by reviewing the individual award descriptions.

How to Nominate



All nominations must be in writing and include:

  • Name of nominee and contact information

  • Name of award

  • Name and contact information for the nominator

  • Letter of nomination stating why the individual or couple/partner deserves a specific award

  • In addition to the above, supplemental materials such as magazine articles about the nominee and supporting letters may be submitted.

Please submit the nomination to Jennifer Mellenkamp, UPHA Executive Director.

Emailed: (please include “Award Nomination” in the subject line).

Mailed: UPHA, P.O. Box 3728, Midway, KY 40347

Faxed: (859) 255-2774

Nomination Deadlines


All award nominations must be received by UPHA no later than the deadlines posted below. These
deadlines are based on when the Executive Board will review them for selection. There are no
exceptions or extensions.

The deadline to submit nominations is as follows:

June 1

Jesus Gonzales Caretaker Hall of Fame (presented at Lexington Junior League Horse Show)
Caretaker Hall of Fame (presented at Grand National & World Championship Morgan Horse Show)

July 1

Tom Moore Hall of Fame
Helen K. Crabtree Instructor Hall of Fame
Larry Bacon Lifetime Achievement Award
Alvin C. Ruxer Lifetime Commitment Award

October 1

Sallie B. Wheeler Distinguished Service Award
Lillian Shively Equitation Distinguished Service Award
Shirley Parkinson Professional Achievement Award
Dr. Scott Bennett Professional Services Award

November 1

Richard E. Lavery Professional Horseman of the Year Award
Harry Sebring Professional Horseman of the Year Award
Tony C. Ray Young Professional of the Year Award
Associate Membership Award
National Honor Show



All award nominations will automatically be carried over for consideration in subsequent years. The nominator may update nomination materials if desired, prior to the nomination deadline each year.


What Happens After You Submit an Award Nomination?

After the awards nomination deadline, nominations are reviewed by the Awards Committee for
completeness. If the nomination is not complete, the nominator will be contacted for the missing
information. Only complete nominations will be submitted to the Executive Board for review and final
selection. The selected nominee is then notified by an Executive Board member that they have been
chosen to receive an award. The award winner will then will be contacted by a member of the Awards
Committee to explain the information needed for Richfield Video to produce the presentation video.

Awards Presentation

All award presentations are made at the UPHA National Conference, with the exception of the UPHA
Jesus Gonzales Caretaker Hall of Fame, which is presented at Lexington Junior League Charity Horse
Show and Grand National & World Championship Morgan Horse Show. Upon notification of selection,
the awardees must assist in compiling information for the awards presentation by the set deadlines.
Richfield Video Productions is contracted by UPHA to prepare the video presentations. The UPHA or
designee will work with the award winners on the script, photos, video clips, etc. used in the
presentation. UPHA covers the cost of creating the video presentation. Following the conference, the
award winners will receive an electronic file of the video presentation.

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