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UPHA Challenge Cup

Judging Specifications:


The United Professional Horsemen’s Association instituted the Challenge

Cup class in order to highlight the showmanship of saddle seat equitation riders.


Judges should take note that in all qualifying classes (except walk and trot)

sixty percent (60%) of the class is judged on the rail work and forty percent (40%)

is judged on the individual pattern. 

UPHA Membership Requirements:


All riders must be a current UPHA Member before showing in any UPHA Challenge Cup Classes. All riders ages 17 & under must be a current UPHA Junior Member and all riders ages 18 & over must be a current UPHA Associate Member.


If a riders shows in a UPHA Challenge Cup Class and is not a current member of the UPHA they will be disqualified.


In all UPHA Challenge Cup National Finals (except walk and trot) two thirds (2/3) of the entire class is judged on the two rail work portions of the class while only one third (1/3) is judged on the individual pattern. The UPHA Saddle Seat Committee encourages judges to select individual patterns that highlight showmanship as opposed to intricacy.

For permission to offer UPHA Challenge Cup classes and complete details contact: 


United Professional Horsemen’s Association

4059 Iron Works Parkway, Suite #2

Lexington, KY 40511   (859) 231-5070

Showmanship is a primary factor throughout the class.


No minimum number of entries is required to fill a class.


The term “open” refers to a UPHA Challenge Cup class that is not designated to a particular breed/division. They are referred to as “UPHA Challenge Cup” classes and may be divided into age divisions as outlined in the “ELIGIBILITY” section.

Judging Specifications and Qualifying Procedures for Individual Programs:


All of the individual programs will adhere to the rules and guidelines which govern the UPHA Challenge Cup class unless otherwise specified under the following breed/divisional sections.


Showmanship is paramount throughout the class.


In all qualifying classes and Chapter Championships (except 10 & Under Walk/Trot classes), the top four (4) riders must be worked individually; more may be worked at the judges discretion.


The mandatory workout in all qualifying classes (except 10 & Under Walk/Trot classes) is: "Trot a serpentine consisting of four half circles to the opposite end of the ring. Return down either rail at a show trot." Judges are not permitted to alter the mandatory workout in any manner. It is recommended, at the discretion of the judge, to instruct the ringmaster to line riders up as to create a clear area for the serpentine.

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