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UPHA General Grants


The UPHA is an association of professional horsemen and horsewomen whose united mission is to improve the show horse industry and to define and clarify their professionalism within the industry. The UPHA Foundation was established to educate the public in general horsemanship and matters related to the welfare of horses by any means conducive to that end; to educate and train individuals in the art of horsemanship; to encourage and promote horse shows and stimulate interest in and awareness of the general public in horse shows; to encourage, promote, and advance participation in equestrian activities through education and science; and to undertake educational programs in equestrian activities. The objective of the Foundation is to support organizations affiliated with the UPHA or that benefit from the UPHA and its stated mission.

The following guidelines shall govern any applications to the UPHA Foundation for grant consideration:

1. Requirements to be included in any application are as follows:

a. A completed and signed UPHA Foundation Grant Application form with all supporting documentation. Please be specific and provide details of your anticipated expenditures.


b. An operating budget, including the period of time in which grant funds will be expended and all budgeted sources of income. 


c. The organization’s most recent financial report/statement.


d. A list of other grant-making organizations to which the applicant has applied.


e. A federal income tax exemption letter indicating 501c3 non-profit status.

2. Applications must be submitted by March 1 or October 1 of each year and must be postmarked on or before the applicable deadline. If these dates fall on a Saturday or Sunday, the deadline is not extended. The Foundation will issue its decision on applications within 30 days after the board meeting that follows the applicable deadline.

3. No application will be considered if the Foundation awarded a full or partial grant to the applicant during the previous grant period.

4. Applicants may only submit one application per grant period.

5. Grants will be limited to tax-exempt, not for profit, equal opportunity organizations. The Foundation will not award grants to any organization that commits unlawful discrimination of any kind.


6. The Foundation is precluded from making grants to any religious or political organization if the funds would be used in whole or in part for religious or political purposes.


7. All grants will be awarded only for future projects and/or activities.


8. Any Grantee must demonstrate financial responsibility for the duration of the grant allocation, to the satisfaction of the Foundation.


9. No single Grantee shall receive all of the available Foundation funding in any one calendar year.


10. The Foundation may give special consideration to applicants whose programs offer the possibility of matching grants.


11. Grants are not made to individuals, for endowments, for deficit financing, to conduit organizations or for
reimbursement for items purchased prior to a grant request.


12. All grants shall be used only for the purpose for which the Grantee stated in its application.


13. Grantees shall provide the Foundation with a report on grant expenditure within one year of receiving a grant and the failure to provide the report precludes any future grant award.


14. If, as determined by the Foundation, the purpose of the grant is modified by the Grantee, the Foundation reserves the right to terminate the agreement and subsequent funding.

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