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Meetings are open to all registered attendees unless marked closed.


Tuesday, January 23, 2024

Start Time     End Time     Event

8:00 AM           5:00 PM        Commercial Exhibits and Silent Auction Set Up

Wednesday, January 24, 2024


Start Time     End Time     Event

8:00 AM           5:00 PM        Commercial Exhibits and Silent Auction Set Up

9:00 AM           5:00 PM        Registration Desk Open

9:00 AM         12:00 PM        MEETING: AMHA Standing Committees

11:00 AM         1:00 PM        MEETING: AHHS Board of Directors (closed)

12:00 PM         1:00 PM        MEETING: UPHA Executive Board (closed)

1:00 PM           3:30 PM        MEETING: AMHA Board of Directors

1:30 PM           3:30 PM        MEETING: UPHA 2023/2024 Board of Directors (closed)

3:30 PM           4:30 PM        MEETING: UPHA Equitation Committee

3:30 PM           4:30 PM        MEETNG: UPHA Finance Committee (closed)

3:30 PM           4:30 PM        MEETING: AMHECT Board of Trustees

6:00 PM                                  Buses leave for Welcome Event

6:30 PM           8:30 PM        WELCOME PARTY: Kentucky Castle-Sponsored by Grace Arnold, LLC

Thursday, January 25, 2024

Start Time     End Time     Event

7:30 AM           9:30 AM        Continental Breakfast

8:00 AM         10:00 AM        AMHA Election Voting

9:00 AM           5:00 PM        Registration Desk Open

9:00 AM           5:00 PM        Silent Auction and Vendors open

9:00 AM         10:00 AM       MEETING: UPHA Professional Members Meeting (closed)

10:00 AM       11:30 AM       MEETING: UPHA Chapter Officers (closed)

10:00 AM       11:30 AM       MEETING: AMHA General Membership Meeting

11:30 AM       12:00 PM       MEETING: AMHA Board Reorganizational Meeting (closed)

11:00 AM       12:00 PM       MEETING: AHHS General Membership Meeting


  • UPHA 10, 20, 30, 40 & 50 Member Recognition

  • UPHA Chapter Horse Persons of the Year

  • UPHA Chapter Honor Shows of the Year

  • UPHA Dr. Scott Bennett Professional Services Award

  • UPHA Associate Member Award

  • AHHS Elsa Mikkelsen Distinguished Service Award

  • AHHS Anna Lee Spires Judd Amateur Exhibitor Award

  • AMHA Cecil R. Brown Memorial Sportsmanship Award

  • AMHA Albert Lucine Promoter Award

2:00 PM            5:00 PM       MEETING: AMHA Board Meeting

2:00 PM            4:00 PM       FORUM: Mission: Possible-UPHA Updates It’s Purpose

4:00 PM            5:00 PM       MEETING: ARHPA Membership Meeting

6:00 PM            7:00 PM       Cocktail Reception

7:00 PM          10:00 PM       AWARDS DINNER: Denim & Diamonds-Dressy Casual attire

  • UPHA Horse of the Year Divisional Awards

  • AMHA Above & Beyond Award

  • UPHA Shirley Parkinson Professional Achievement Award

  • AMHA Professional Award

  • AHHS John H. & Maybelle L. Costello National Breeder Award

  • AMHA Mabel Owen Award

  • UPHA Sallie B. Wheeler Distinguished Service Award

  • AHHS Lydia Luham Pederson National Distinguished Service

  • AMHA Person of the Year

  • UPHA Larry Bacon Lifetime Achievement Award


Friday, January 26, 2024

Start Time     End Time     Event

7:00 AM            9:00 AM       Continental Breakfast

9:00 AM            5:00 PM       Registration Desk Open

9:00 AM            5:00 PM       Silent Auction and Vendors Open

9:00 AM                                 Buses Leave for Live Clinic

9:30 AM            3:00 PM       OFF-SITE CLINIC: Behind the Curtain: An interactive live clinic featuring a panel of UPHA Hall of Fame trainers weighing in on training techniques for all breeds and disciplines of horses. Hosted by Grey Ridge FarmLunch Provided by Honey Baked Ham

7:00 PM            9:00 PM       UPHA YOUNG PROFESSIONALS EVENT (Restricted to Young Professionals 40 or under)

An Evening at Freedman's: Exclusive Young Trainer Event

Please join Freedman's for cocktails and apps, while we get to know you better, introduce our latest products and programs for trainers, and provide an evening for socializing. A percentage of proceeds from Freedman's in-store sales during the UPHA Conference will go directly to benefit the UPHA Young Trainer's Fund. 

Saturday, January 27, 2024


Start Time     End Time     Event

7:00 AM           9:00 AM       Continental Breakfast

9:00 AM           5:00 PM       Registration Desk Open

9:00 AM           5:00 PM       Vendors 

9:00 AM           3:00 PM       Silent Auction- bidding ends at 3:00 PM ET

8:00 AM           9:00 AM       MEETING: UPHA Associates Meeting

9:00 AM         11:00 AM       FORUM: Straight From The Horses Mouth: Representatives from the Kentucky State Fair World’s Championship Horse Show, the Morgan Grand National & World’s Championship Horse and UPHA American Royal National Championship Horse Show, will be on hand to discuss what the future looks like for these 3 major championship shows. A great opportunity to take a look at and hear about  major renovations planned for some facilities and a location  change to another!


  • UPHA National Honor Show

  • AHHS “Spirit of the Youth Medallion” Award

  • AHHS Junior Exhibitor Award

  • UPHA Lillian Shively Equitation Distinguished Service Award

  • UPHA Ribbons of Service Presentation-Platinum and Diamond levels, and Scholarship Recipients

  • UPHA Tony Ray Young Professional of the Year Award

  • National Horseman Icon Award


  • Young Person Award

  • International Competition Award

  • Judges Milestone Awards

  • Golden Reins Award

  • Therapy Horse Award

  • STAR Awards

  • Show Horse Hall of Fame

  • Open Competition Awards

1:00 PM             1:30 PM       AMHA and ASHBA JUDGES CLINIC-Check in - Participants must register with AMHA and ASHBA

1:30 PM             2:15 PM       ASHBA AND AMHA COMBINED JUDGES CLINIC: Ethics (closed)

2:15 PM             5:00 PM       ASHBA AND AMHA COMBINED JUDGES CLINIC: Saddle Seat Equitation Division (closed)

2:30 PM             3:30 PM       MEETING: UPHA Executive Board (closed)

3:30 PM             4:30 PM       MEETING: UPHA 2024 Board of Directors (closed)

6:00 PM             7:00 PM       Cocktail Reception

7:00 PM           10:00 PM       HALL OF FAME AWARDS DINNER & GALA-Black tie optional

  • St. Jude Children’s Hospital Ribbons of Service Presentation    

  • UPHA Helen Crabtree Instructor Hall of Fame Award

  • UPHA Overall Horse & Pony of the Year Awards

  • AMHA Breeder’s Hall of Fame Award

  • AHHS Bill G. Robinson National Trainer Award

  • UPHA Richard E. Lavery Professional Horseman’s Award

  • UPHA Harry M. Sebring Professional Horseman’s Award

  • AHHS Gwen Stableford Lifetime Achievement Award

  • AMHA Hall of Fame Award

  • UPHA Alvin C. Ruxer Lifetime Commitment Award

  • UPHA Tom Moore Hall of Fame Award


Sunday, January 28, 2024


Start Time     End Time     Event

7:30 AM            8:00 AM       AMHA and ASHBA JUDGES CLINIC-Check in - Participants must register with AMHA and ASHBA

8:00 AM          10:00 AM       AMHA JUDGES CLINIC-Registered (R) Morgan Judges only (closed)

8:00 AM          10:00 AM       ASHBA JUDGES CLINIC-Applicants Only Session (closed)

10:00 AM        10:15 AM       ASHBA JUDGES CLINIC -Check in for Auditors, “r”, & “R” Judges

10:15 AM        12:15 PM       ASHBA JUDGES CLINIC-Roadster & Hackney Divisions (closed)

12:15 PM          1:00 PM       ASHBA JUDGES CLINIC-working lunch with interviews (closed)

1:00 PM            4:00 PM       ASHBA JUDGES CLINIC-American Saddlebred Division (closed)

4:00 PM            5:00 PM       ASHBA JUDGES CLINIC-interviews (closed)

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